A shift in mindset!

Like all good businesses, Lawbox was established to offer solutions to a series of problems.  We came to realise that the only way we could do this was to break the mould of traditional law by stepping outside of the old model, and creating a new one.

However, we also recognise that structural changes are only half the solution and to really solve these problems requires a complete shift in mindset.

So, what needs changing I hear you say?!

Well, our model removes the age old hierarchy of the traditional law firm model so the consultants you work with are not set ridiculous billing targets in order to line the pockets of an equity partner who you’ve never met, and has had nothing to do with the matter you’ve been trying to resolve!

Secondly, we’ve removed ourselves from the plush, high-street offices in central city locations and have replaced them with a mix of remote working locations, taking advantage of technology to coordinate our operations and to communicate with our clients and partners.

All of a sudden it’s no longer all about the money!

All of a sudden we’re free to get to know our clients and their challenges, properly, like we’ve always wanted to.

Lawbox consultants are all experts in their field working with freedom and flexibility to offer legal services, advice and guidance on terms that meet their clients best interests.

But this is just the start.  We’re looking to revolutionise the way legal services are delivered and will constantly evolve to ensure we exceed expectations.

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