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Lawbox is a legal design agency supporting finance businesses, start-up's and scale-up's to overcome their regulatory and compliance challenges

  • human centred, iterative approach to problem solving
  • more collaboration with your team
  • legal design documents designed with your end users in mind!
  • client empowerment – we will help you to understand the legal solutions to your business need, rather than just present you with them
  • straight talking, no jargon legal advice – no legalese!
  • Lean and flexible working practices for enhanced value
what is legal design?

We have a Brexit export portal that helps companies get their export documents on a self-service basis. We also set up a “one-stop customs shop” through our acquisition in the UK, helped by Lawbox. Even now there are not that many customs brokers that have done this, so we are really proud that we made that move, which was seen as courageous at the time. It was important for us to conclude the acquisition quickly, so we really valued Lawbox. They focused on the items of real importance to us. These acquisitions can take months and become very focused on technical legal issues. This acquisition was really focused on getting the deal done.

Rob Ewalds

CEO | Gaston Schul

Overall, I went to market on a mission to find something different. Lawbox Design has met and exceeded my expectations. There is always a degree of nervousness with a new relationship, but our experience has now paved the way for a longer-term partnership. We work well together. Previous law firms I have worked with have been quick to assume and not fully understand our business requirements and our culture. Lawbox Design are willing to understand the context, our culture, and what we are trying to achieve.

Vaughan Thomas

Managing Director | Formunauts One

As a creative digital agency, we completely get this! We have long felt that other sectors like legal could vastly improve the service they deliver by adopting a design-led approach to problem solving. The barriers have often been tradition and a reluctance to change which is why it’s so refreshing to see Lawbox deliver on this, and deliver it well!

Liam Giles

Managing Director | Spindogs

Any consultant that’s been able to stick with the pace of development at Ethos Farm deserves some credit! We’ve had a challenging but successful year, which has been supported by some fantastic advisors and legal counsel. As an organisation that looks to embrace innovation and change within our sector, we love the approach Lawbox has to doing the same in theirs!  Really looking forward to watching the future unfold for Lawbox and their partners.

Mat Garner

Co-Founder | Ethos Farm Technologies

GHM is a family run business and we have very high expectations of the consultants that we bring on board to help advise us.  We were attracted to Lawbox because of their willingness to think outside of the box, and to work with us on our terms.  For a business like ours, flexibility is key so it’s been great working with a legal team that actually understands what flexibility means!

Neil McManus

Director | GHM Communications

In the past we’ve engaged with solicitors who’s first response is to ask us what type of solution it is we think we need to a legal problem, with no attempt to understand our wider business.  What has surprised us the most about the service we’ve received from Lawbox has been how they have really listened to what we are trying to achieve as a business first, and the advice they’ve given us on how to mitigate the risks we’re exposed to without overwhelming us.

William Bicknell

Founder | Felloh!

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