what is legal design?

Legal design is applying design thinking principles to the world of law and, importantly, making legal services and systems more human centered, usable, and engaging. Legal design for us is simple – it is the art of law…

why does legal design matter?

Legal solutions have long been applied to get a client from A to B. But the solutions that have been provided to date are often convoluted, overly complex, and unreadable to the untrained eye, rendering them virtually useless for the people they have the most impact on – the end-user.

On top of this, many businesses find the process of engaging with legal services painful, clunky, and completely out of touch with the dynamic, fast-paced startup and scaleup businesses of today.


how can legal design make a difference?

Legal design is where design thinking and legal come together to create solutions that work. With legal design, we can better identify the users’ needs, wants, and desires and use them as a basis to design and develop solutions.

design thinking applied to the world of law.

By applying the process of design thinking to the way we engage with our clients we can start to understand their business better than ever and help provide them with legal solutions that offer far more value to them and their customers.

At Lawbox, we apply design thinking to question the purpose and function of our end product. When applied strategically, legal design can improve performance, innovation, brand perception, audience engagement, conversion rates, and a whole host of other metrics.

legal design vs. legal user experience (LuX).

Legal design produces user-friendly contracts and legal solutions. This is one reason why it has attracted so much popularity. Clients will often come to us without knowing what legal design is, but knowing that what they want to end up with is something that looks different from what they have come to expect from a law firm.

For some clients, legal design is more than they want. Legal scrums, sprints, and design jams take them further from the norm than they are perhaps comfortable with. Whilst we believe that legal design is powerful, we do recognise that for some it requires a leap of faith – this is where LuX comes in.

legal user experience (LuX).

For us, LuX isn’t just about providing a different experience for our clients. It is about providing a different user experience for your users too.

LuX is our ‘legal design lite’ offering. We think about how to make our legal solutions better for the end-user (your customers, employees, business partners), and this is done as a matter of course. Whether you’re buying into a fully-fledged legal design solution, or you’re just after a simple NDA that enables talks to move forward, LuX will always be at the forefront of our minds.

While we will draw on our skills as legal designers here, we will not necessarily go as deep as we would from a pure legal design perspective. To find out whether LuX is not only the solution you need but the solution your clients need, visit think LuX.

unique tailored approach to your business needs.

What we’re saying here really is that we use legal design thinking to deliver a uniquely tailored legal service to our clients. To understand more about how the legal design process works our three-part blog feature explains the stages and benefits of using legal design. For more information on the different services we can provide, take a look at our services.

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