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Lawbox is a team of diverse thinkers.  We work with people from all backgrounds, with differing sector experience, views and perspectives.  All bound together by the simple common goal of improving the legal experience for our clients and their customers.

At Lawbox, we challenge the conventional way of delivering legal services.  Our team of legal experts are supported by creative designers and project managers that enable us to incorporate creative flair, design-thinking, and process management into our service.

By its very nature, legal design is a journey for all of us.  Some of us are able to apply the theory quicker than others, purely down to the way we are all wired differently.  But we believe everyone has the ability to develop a legal design approach to their service.  All it takes is a willingness to accept the change.

We believe it is possible to have a good work / life balance as consultants and still succeed in delivering a better service for our clients, whilst developing new business (sound like the Holy Grail right?!).  If you’re a legal expert and this is something you think you’d like to explore then we’d love to have a chat.

What sort of characteristics do we look for in legal experts?

There are obvious minimum levels of competence that we require for all the roles within the business with a minimum of 5 years PQE being one of them, but for us, the differentiating factors relate more to attitude, work ethic, and mind-set.

Personal attributes we look for include the following

  • Well-rounded and open-minded individuals. People who can adapt to different situations, environments and circumstances with ease.
  • People who see obstacles as challenges or problems that must be solved as opposed to people whose instinct is to retreat from them.
  • Enthusiasm, liveliness and spirit
  • People who ask questions, a lot!
  • Good listeners
  • Individuals who recognize the importance of being taken out of their comfort zone and regularly seek opportunities to do so.
  • People who know how to enjoy themselves and their free time
  • Ambitious people who regularly ask the question ‘how can I/we do this better?’

Attributes that turn us off include the following

  • Individuals wanting to do a job, get paid, and go home
  • Individuals who criticize or highlight problems but never come forward with potential solutions
  • Individuals seeking the safety and security of a guaranteed income
  • People who openly talk about their successes more often than their failures

If you can resonate with much of the above then it could well be worth getting in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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