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“Our challenge, and our mission, is to turn legal support from a need to a want”

Natalie Murray, Founder | Lawbox Design

We believe the legal services sector is broken. Today we operate in an environment where legal services are often a distressed purchase. Businesses only engage with a solicitor when they have no other choice.

This cannot be right.

Solicitors and legal experts are talented and highly trained individuals who can add a huge amount of value to any organisation, but there is something fundamentally flawed with the way we have been delivering our services if businesses are reluctant to engage with us until they absolutely need to.

We have been talking to business owners, compliance officers and our clients’ customers to find out how they want legal services delivered, and building a Law-Box that works for them.

This is what they’ve told us they want:

For the clock to be switched off.

Wherever possible we wrap our products up in a fixed price that provides you with cost certainty and transparency. We encourage our clients to call us with their concerns, questions, or just for a chat (all with the clock switched off)!

An eye on the future.

We want to work with clients who are on a journey. We provide advice that doesn’t just meet the immediate concern, we think about the impact that it will have down the line. We don’t offer solutions that work for today but that won’t be fit for purpose when you grow.


Okay, so we are delivering legal services here, so whilst we can’t promise off the scale fun, we do try and inject humour and laughter in what we do. We use interactive workshops to plan and design our services and try to present the law in a way that is engaging rather than dull and sleep-inducing.

To be heard.

The biggest complaint that we hear time and time again is that lawyers just don’t listen. At the heart of our approach is empathy. We take time to listen and regularly check in to make sure that we keep listening.


Our name, Lawbox, is derived from one of our other passions, CrossFit!

A CrossFit box is a barebones gym to some, but heaven to a CrossFitter! It’s not just the venue that provides all the equipment in order for us to train, it’s a community of like-minded individuals, all striving towards a common goal. It’s a support network where we help each other through the hard times – the sticking points, and it’s the people that hold us accountable to make sure we hit our personal goals and make progress. This culture translates directly to our Law-Box, where we try and employ exactly the same principles.

Our Law-Box community is formed of our Lawboxers and our clients. Just like with our Lawboxers, we don’t just work with any type of client. To get the most from our way of working, our clients share a special set of attributes.

Is this you?

Our clients are:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Disruptive
  • Doing exciting things
  • Progressive
  • Open-minded
  • Constantly challenging us to do more and do it better
  • On a journey

Start-up/Scale-up – We work with businesses on a mission. From the very small to those looking to cross over into a whole different level, we love working with businesses where legal design can help them achieve their goals.

Legal design is human-centered. It forces us to think about our clients differently. We immerse ourselves in your business and become one of your team, providing you with solutions that work for you. Now and in the future.

Regulatory – We work with alternative lenders, new banks, and companies for whom the normal legal precedents won’t work.

By immersing ourselves in your business, and through design thinking, we comply with Regulation in a way that works for you and your stakeholders.

Clients better suited to traditional law

Our Law-Box isn’t for everyone and we aren’t trying to be all things to all people. Businesses that are perhaps better suited to a more traditional way of working are:

  • Distressed and chaotic
  • Firefighting
  • Happier with a quick-fix solution
  • Are too busy trying to fix today’s problems than to proactively head-off future problems

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