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our challenge, and our mission, is to turn legal services from a need to a want.

Our Lawbox community is formed of our consultants (Lawboxers) and our clients. Just like with our Lawboxers, we don’t just work with any type of client. To get the most from our way of delivering legal services, our clients share a special set of attributes.

is this you?

Our clients are entrepreneurial, disruptive, doing exciting things, progressive, open-minded, on a journey, and constantly challenging us to do more and to do it better.

start up & scale up businesses.

We work with businesses on a mission. From the very small to those looking to cross over into a whole different level, we love working with businesses where legal design can help them achieve their goals.

Legal design is human-centered. It forces us to think about our clients differently. We immerse ourselves in your business and become one of your team, providing you with legal services that work for you. Now and in the future.

regulatory businesses.

We work with alternative lenders, new banks, and companies for whom the normal legal precedents won’t work. By immersing ourselves in your business, and through design thinking, we comply with Regulation in a way that works for you and your stakeholders.

clients better suited to traditional legal services.

We know that Lawbox isn’t for everyone and we aren’t trying to be all things to all people. Businesses that are perhaps better suited to more traditional legal services are:

  • distressed and chaotic
  • happier with a quick-fix solution
  • are too busy trying to fix today’s problems than to proactively head off future problems
  • set in their ways

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