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There are certain things that others do better than us, so we're proud to work with these trusted companies when their expertise is needed.

Cube Thinking’s approach is one that challenges and inspires its clients. Like us, they are trying to disrupt the way things have always been done, and that is why we have included them as one of our trusted partners.

Cube Thinking is a consultancy practice with a difference. It brings together a team of experts to help businesses perform better, whether through consultancy or training. It focuses on scale-up SMEs, which means that our paths often cross!

Cube’s consultancy service covers business analysis, digital transformation, brand strategy, and development as well as the areas which underpin all businesses: sales, marketing, and finance. This is delivered by sector experts. Cube also offers “Fractional Directors” – specialists who can act as part-time directors, providing you with the leadership boost your business might be looking for. Find out more here.


mpm legal has a very similar philosophy to us in the way that they like to get to know the businesses they work with in order to really offer them better value. Their personal touch and non-traditional approach to client engagement make them exactly the type of employment lawyers we like to recommend!

mpm specialises in employment law and business immigration law. They also run MPM Included which supports businesses striving for a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Find out more here.

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