Designed compliance

full design led compliance operations for start-up and scale-up businesses.


Designed compliance helps dynamic businesses to navigate their regulated industry without stifling their creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

We use a variety of creative legal design techniques to help map out the regulatory path, set up your legal support structure along the way, and make sure your legal operations are closely aligned with your business strategy. Arriving here has required a complete shift in mindset, from legal to design thinking, in order for us to apply our legal expertise in a way that facilitates the development of specialist solutions to your regulatory challenges.

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what we cover.

Compliance with the full spectrum of your commercial and corporate legal requirements.

We offer expert support and guidance on all elements of FCA Authorisation for businesses who might be applying for authorisation, or who need ongoing support with compliance and changes to regulations.

Specifically, we can support you with:

  • Bribery act
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial services compliance
  • GDPR / data-protection / privacy
  • Modern slavery act
  • Risk management

how it works.

Every business is different, and the following stages can be tweaked to suit individual needs.  These are long-term projects that see us facilitate, manage and deliver as much or as little of the following stages as you like.

Lawbox Design

who are we?

At Lawbox Design we create innovative legal solutions for dynamic finance businesses, startups, and scaleups by applying design thinking principles to legal services.

user-centric legal service.

Legal design at Lawbox is about making the legal user experience better. We deliver legal services for finance and other regulated businesses, startups, and scaleups by putting people first. It’s about applying a shift in mindset and questioning how fit-for-purpose traditional legal solutions really are.


expert Lawboxers.

What we offer isn’t just client empowerment and straight-talking legal advice – our consultants or “Lawboxers” are also experts in the areas of financial regulation and compliance, commercial, and corporate law.

We passionately believe that, when applied strategically, legal design can improve business performance, innovation, brand perception, audience engagement, and conversion rates.


can we help you?

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