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we make sure that businesses can prepare for the green economy.


In order to prepare for the transition to the Green Economy and manage an organisation’s carbon footprint, it is necessary to audit and then manage its entire value chain (suppliers and customers). As well as being the right thing to do, there is also increasing pressure to do this: from having a social licence to operate, through to pressure from emerging laws and regulations, insurance needs, and (often most crucially) clients’ requirements as part of their own net-zero strategies.

We are increasingly seeing obligations and regulatory reporting requirements working their way down supply chains from PLCs, multinationals, and regulated sectors. This means it makes commercial sense to plan for the impact of the net-zero transition.


net-zero contracting.

Obligations and requirements are implemented through the value chain via contracts. We can help support you with contracting in areas including:

  • Negotiating and drafting climate impact and Net Zero clauses in respect of 
    •  flow down requirements from clients
    • flow up requirements onto clients to meet a Business’ own net-zero strategy
    •  flow down requirements on a business’ own supply chain
  • Clarifying and establishing climate impact reporting and data flows
  • Managing ongoing supplier due diligence, contract compliance, and implementation of net-zero contract terms

regulatory compliance.

As the UK Government works to achieve its ambitious and legally binding Net Zero commitment of 2050, we will see increased regulation and legal requirements enter the private sector (to provide the stick, alongside the carrot of investment and Government support). 

 It is also likely that sector-specific regulations will start being used more widely (we can see the start of this in energy, building, and transport).

We are keeping an eye on this fast-moving area and we can provide guidance and advice on the applicable regulations and what this means for your business.

company structure and due diligence. 

At Lawbox Design we work with the companies disrupting their industries and innovating. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they are increasingly looking to embed net zero within their company structure, documents, and decision making. This may be driven by the increased focus on ESG due diligence on investment or sale, regulatory requirements, customer demand, or because of a forward-thinking ESG strategy.  

Whether you want to embed net-zero by making changes to your articles; agreeing and drafting new shareholder agreements; embedding reporting requirements; or ensuring Board decisions and resolutions are maintained to demonstrate compliance, we can help guide and support you on your journey. We also work with clients to help them prepare for a due diligence event.

policies & procedures.

There is no point in a company taking great strides towards net-zero unless this can be demonstrated. This may be to meet legal requirements, client obligations, voluntary certification schemes (e.g. net-zero, PAS 260, ISO 140001), or self-imposed reporting standards. There may also be a significant commercial benefit of being able to show this behaviour to customers (and potential new ones!).

Demonstrating compliance will require effective procedures to be established, which are then supported by bespoke policies designed with the business in mind.  

Capturing and maintaining the strategy and process within clear and relevant policies and procedures is something that our Lawboxers are on hand to help you with.

how it works.

We offer a fixed price solution to adapt your standard trading terms or contracts, incorporate your specific net-zero strategy and requirements of your clients, as well as capture other sustainability priorities. We also offer a fixed price service for other contracts and policies, which will be agreed on initial scoping. To find out more get in touch with

If you aren’t at the stage of net-zero contracting and you just want someone to discuss these issues with, then feel free to get in touch. This is a constantly moving area and we would love to hear from you.

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We passionately believe that, when applied strategically, legal design can improve business performance, innovation, brand perception, audience engagement, and conversion rates.


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