Our Terms of Business

Here's how we can work together.

Here you’ll find our terms, the blueprint for how we provide you with legal support services. By signing our Statement of Work, you’re giving a friendly nod to these terms and stepping into a binding handshake with us. We’ve tried to trim the jargon and make this as easy as Sunday morning reading. Happy browsing.

Heads up. We’re a legal consultancy, not a law firm. We’re like the cool cousin that isn’t under the watchful eyes of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. What’s the catch? We don’t step into the ring with ‘reserved’ activities – think litigation, notarial services, and administration of oaths. So, nope, the SRA Compensation Fund won’t be there to help you out should anything go wrong (not that we’re expecting it to). But you do get access to our amazing consultants, who are all legit, UK-qualified solicitors with fresh-off-the-press practising certificates.


  • Work is detailed in our SoW
  • Changes are agreed in writing between us
  • We won’t move forward until you’re happy

What’s the deal? Our terms come hand in hand with a Statement of Work, whipped up just for you, laying out the services we’re on deck to deliver.

If the scope evolves, we’ll need those changes penned down, and yes, this might tweak our fee estimate a bit. But don’t fret, any extra charges will get your nod before we roll up our sleeves.

Just remember, changes aren’t in play until you give the written ‘okay’. Cool? Cool.

invoicing & fees

  • 15 days to cover our invoice or we might hit pause or wrap things up.
  • Monthly invoices for retained work
  • fixed price projects – 50/50 payment for £1k+ gigs, 100% on completion for less.
  • Our preferred currency is pounds sterling, unless otherwise agreed.
  • All fee specifics are tucked away in our Statement of Work.
  • Late payments may sprout interest according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
  • You’ll owe the overdue amount plus any interest. 

This is all about the when and how of our invoicing and what happens if payments are, let’s say, a tad late.

Unless we agree otherwise, you’ve got a comfy 15 days to settle our invoice. If that doesn’t happen, we might need to hit the ‘pause’ button on our work or even wrap things up altogether.

Our invoicing style? Simple. Retained work gets a monthly bill.

Fixed price projects? For ones over £1k, we do a neat 50% upfront, 50% on completion deal. If it’s less than £1k, we’ll bill 100% when we cross the finish line.

And just a note, we like our payments in good old pounds sterling, unless we’ve agreed otherwise. Fee specifics are laid out in our Statement of Work.

A word about overdue amounts.

Just so you know, late payments might earn interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. This interest starts accumulating daily from the due date until you’ve settled up. That means the total you’ll owe is the overdue amount plus any interest. Fair enough, right?


  • Cooperate and answer our queries promptly.
  • Review our work and feedback in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Implementing our work, like integrating it into a website or app, falls on you.

It’s a two-way street, isn’t it? Both of us doing our part to make this work smoothly.

Here’s the deal:

You work with us, answer our questions promptly, and give us the good, accurate stuff we need to knock our services out of the park.

Once we hand over a finished piece of work, you let us know if it’s a thumbs-up or if there are any hitches.

If there’s any implementation to do, like slotting our work into a website, app, or process, that’s on you. Just to be clear, any costs tied to that implementation aren’t on our tab.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

the serious stuff: taking responsibility

  • We can’t avoid liability for fraud or injury caused by negligence.
  • We’re not responsible for unforeseeable losses or delays.
  • Liability is capped at £1,000,000 per year for predictable losses.
  • We carry £2,000,000 PI insurance.
  • Lawbox Group Ltd is your point of accountability, not individuals.
  • Our services are exclusive to you.
  • Our advice is based on laws at the time of delivery, no update obligation.
  • Liability only for foreseeable, direct losses due to our errors or carelessness.

Here comes the gritty part. This bit is all about where you or we might be on the hook for any slip-ups or losses.

We can’t wiggle out of liability where the law says we can’t, including cases of fraud or if someone gets hurt or worse due to our negligence.

We’re off the hook for any loss, delay, or damage that couldn’t be seen coming. We’re only in the hot seat for losses up to £1,000,000 each year that you could reasonably see coming if we goof up on this contract or don’t show reasonable care and skill.

We’ve got professional indemnity insurance worth £2,000,000 tucked away.

Lawbox Group Ltd will be the one answering to you for the services. You promise not to point the finger at any individual employee, consultant, or office.

Our services are like a secret handshake, only to be used by you.

Our services and advice are based on the law as it stands when we give the advice. We’re not obliged to send you any updates if the law changes and we’re not liable for any losses, damage or delays because we’re following legal or regulatory requirements.

Again, we’re not to blame for any loss, delay, or damage that couldn’t be seen coming. If we mess up these terms, we’re only on the line for losses that are a direct result of our blunder or lack of reasonable care and skill.

saying goodbye

  • The agreement ends if there’s a contract breach, missed payment, or at the end of the agreed term.
  • Certain mistakes or breaches can also trigger termination.
  • On termination, all due fees must be paid immediately.
  • Rights and obligations collected during the agreement aren’t affected by termination.

This part outlines how either of us can gracefully exit stage left from our agreement.

Either one of us can drop the curtain immediately if there’s a breach of contract or missed payment.

It’s not you, it’s me!” Cold Feet?

Since we’re both business-savvy, you can’t rely on the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013. Once you’ve put pen to paper on our Statement of Work, we’re afraid there’s no turning back.

Our pact stays in effect until the end of any agreed term in the Statement of Work or in the following scenarios:

Contract Oopsies: Either of us can hit the eject button on this agreement immediately if the other party:

  • Makes a major goof that can’t be fixed.
  • Makes a major goof that can be fixed but doesn’t get on it within 30 days of being called out.
  • Steps over the line in the Data Protection or Confidentiality clauses.
  • Gets hit by a force majeure event.
  • An invoice goes over 30 days past due.
  • You don’t give us the necessary information for us to do our job within a reasonable timeframe after we’ve asked.

On parting ways, any fees due to us come due immediately. When our agreement wraps up or is terminated, any rights, remedies, obligations, or liabilities that piled up during our time together won’t be affected.

data protection

  • We follow data protection laws.
  • You control data; we process it securely.
  • Personal data stays in EEA unless safe to leave.
  • You cover costs for data requests.
  • We alert you about data breaches.
  • Post-job, data is deleted/returned as required.
  • We keep records to prove we’re on track.

Alright, buckle up, it’s data protection time.

We’re both gonna play nice with the Data Protection Legislation – that’s the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and any other relevant rules.

In this data shindig, you’re the controller, we’re the processor.

Your job: get the necessary thumbs-ups to send us Personal Data for our work together.

Here’s our promise when handling your Personal Data:

  • We’ll only mess with it based on your written go-ahead or if the law tells us to.
  • We’ve got strong, approved safeguards to prevent any data mishaps.
  • Our crew that handles Personal Data are sworn to secrecy.
  • We won’t ship Personal Data outside the EEA unless we’ve got a solid safety net in place and the Data Subject is well protected.

The fine print:

  • We’ll help you with Data Subjects’ requests, but you’re footing the bill.
  • If a data breach pops up, you’ll be the first to know.
  • When we’re done, we’ll erase or return Personal Data, unless the law tells us to keep it.
  • We’ll keep records as proof we’re sticking to this clause.

Data protection may be a tough cookie, but together, we’ve got this!


  • Confidential info stays confidential.
  • We only share if necessary.
  • We may disclose if law requires.
  • Post-agreement, you can request data return; we delete what’s possible.

We’re both signing up for a pact of secrecy here, guarding all Confidential Information like precious treasure.

Anything personal or business-related that’s not already out in the open stays under lock and key. We’ll only spill the beans to our own crew if they absolutely need to know.

intellectual property (IP)

  • Each party retains their own IP.
  • New IP belongs to its creator.
  • Reselling our services or creating similar ones is off-limits, unless for publication.

Yours is Yours, Ours is Ours.

We agree that each of us keeps our intellectual property rights. We’re borrowing your intellectual property only as much as we need to do our job and deliver the services as intended.

Any intellectual property whipped up by either of us during our work together stays with the creator.

You promise not to resell our services or put them (or any lookalikes) up for sale at any time. The only exception: if the services are meant to be published, like if we’re helping you draft website terms and conditions.

the other bits (operative clauses)

Uncontrollable Craziness: AKA Force Majeure

Neither of us is on the hook if some wild, out-of-our-control situation causes a hiccup in the contract. Just remember, this doesn’t include complying with the law. If it happens, the affected party should shoot a message over ASAP with the juicy details and damage control plans.

Disagree to Disagree: Resolving Disputes

In the off chance we butt heads, we both pinky promise to try to smooth things over in good faith. We’ll aim for a friendly settlement and, if we must, go to arbitration before rushing to court.

Casual Liaisons: Our Relationship

This agreement doesn’t mean we’re in a partnership, joint venture, agency, employment or fiduciary relationship. And no, you can’t pretend you have the power to make promises on our behalf.

Extra Perks: Rights & Remedies

Aside from what’s in this contract, we’ve got additional rights and remedies that aren’t excluded by law. We can pass our rights and duties to a third party, but you’ll need our written permission to do the same. Remember, this contract is between you and us. No third wheel gets to enforce any terms. And if we don’t flex our rights instantly, it doesn’t mean we’ve given them up.

Until the End of Time: Expiration and Jurisdiction

Any part of this contract meant to stick around after its end will remain in full effect. The laws of England and Wales will oversee these terms, and their courts hold the power to settle any disputes.

contacting us

You can contact us by email at onwards@lawboxdesign.com or any other Lawbox email address we provide you with from time to time. We will contact you using the email address you provide to us.


We hope you’re satisfied with the service you receive from us and we will seek feedback regularly in order to continually improve our service. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with an element of our work, please contact us and we will look to remedy this in the most appropriate way.

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