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shareholders agreement healthcheck

£450 +VAT

If it has been a while since you drafted your shareholder’s agreement then you might be looking at this and wondering whether what you have in place still works for you and your business. With our healthcheck, our experts can see whether you have moved on but your agreement hasn’t.


what is a healthcheck?

Often when we start out we put a shareholders agreement in place that works for the business at that moment in time and we also look to include events that we can foresee happening. However, with the passage of time things change and what we have in place is outgrown.

Our Shareholders Agreement healthcheck might be what you are looking for! We will review your existing agreement and flag to you what works and what doesn’t. You will get peace of mind that your Shareholders Agreement is as future-fit as it can be.

Once we have conducted the review we will help guide you in terms of the next steps. That could be as simple as adding in a new clause, or it could involve a complete rewrite. We can’t promise what we will find, we can promise that the alternatives we set out will enable you to make a decision with your eyes open.



If you’d like us to conduct a healthcheck on your existing Shareholders Agreement then get in touch below to discuss next steps.


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