company policies

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When setting up a company, as part of ongoing compliance, or when a major change occurs in the way your business operates, your company policies become more important than ever. How you then communicate your company policies to those they affect is even more important. Having to sign up for policies that we don’t understand or don’t have time to read is a huge frustration for customers and a missed opportunity for businesses. This is where legal design comes in.

policies & terms that work!

Our legal designers work with you to produce documents and policies which are easy to navigate and use plain language. We think about your employees, your customers, or other stakeholders that will be affected by the policies and aim to delight rather than confuse (or bore!).  

If clarity and transparency are things your business values, this is a perfect way to demonstrate it to the people your business values most.

how do we do it?

We use a combination of mini scrums and sprints to engage with you and your stakeholders. Below is a broad outline of how this works…

working practices that work for you.

We currently provide this service for the following documents which can be instructed on an individual basis or as a suite.

  • GDPR documents
  • Terms of Business
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Policy

the value doesn’t stop there.

Mini scrums provide us with a perfect opportunity to understand your business processesWhilst they serve to develop your policies and terms, they can be hugely insightful for us as your advisors, and you internally, as you unpick the way things are currently done and start to look at how you would like them to be done! We have seen clients use this insight to fundamentally change the way they do things – for the better. 

To find out more about how we can help you with your company policies (and beyond), get in touch.