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Our unique approach to law is ideally suited to those looking to set up a new company or at pivotal moments in your business’ growth such as when making major business decisions or when great change is afoot!

peace of mind.

With great growth comes great responsibility though. As your business grows, the legal obligations that you as company directors have towards your shareholders and the Companies Act requirements become more and more onerous. This is where Lawbox Design can help shoulder some of your burden.

company set up.

Businesses are often formed off the back of great relationships and a huge amount of trust!  Unfortunately, no matter how strong those relationships, when circumstances change, break-ups and shake-ups can get messy, especially if the correct legal documentation wasn’t in place when you started.

shareholder agreements & articles of association.

Our team of legal designers will work with you and your partners to make sure your company documents clearly reflect and communicate your legal obligations as company directors. Think of this less as a prenup, rather more like the vows that will be your foundations for the future.

company keep up.

Our company secretary service offers you the ability to check in with us at any point to discuss potential decisions the business is about to make and what requirements there will be to fulfil your statutory obligations. 

administering and documenting company decision-making.

As well as drafting the relevant documentation, and ensuring your records are updated and filed appropriately, we act as your sounding board, offering advice and guidance on the process and the impact those decisions might have on your business’ exposure.

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