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Whatever stage you’re at in your business, the thought of addressing the areas you’re legally exposed to can be incredibly daunting.  So much so that many businesses simply stick their head in the sand and hope they’re right about the likelihood of something going wrong!

We understand this fear. We know what drives it, and we’re determined to help you overcome it.

Legal Design Scrums

LD Scrums are full and half day facilitated workshops held with you and your team, that identify the main areas of legal exposure within your business and help you to prioritise them.

The workshops are designed to not only tease out the key areas of risk that the business is exposed to, but to also identify opportunities for your business to strengthen its brand by improving the way its customers and stakeholders engage with its legal processes and documents.

An LD Scrum is a proactive activity that profiles your risk exposure and then provides you with a programme for managing that risk over a period of time.

On completion of an LD Scrum you’ll receive a detailed report on the areas of risk you are currently exposed to, any opportunities your business is presented with in addressing those risks, and a proposed timeline for your business to mitigate them.

Managing your risk shouldn’t just be about reducing the likelihood or severity of a situation occurring.  Approached in the right way, there are great opportunities to connect and engage with your customers and even increase sales!

Mini Scrums

Mini Scrums take on a similar format to LD Scrums but are shorter facilitated workshops that focus on specific areas of risk, such as company policy documents or terms of business.  They are the starting point before the team head off on a Sprint.


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