Designed Compliance

built-in regulatory compliance | empowering your team | advice & guidance that supports creativity

Full design led compliance operations for start-up and scale-up businesses

  • ‘Built-in’ legal compliance – your legal ops become aligned with your business strategy
  • Foresight of the obstacles before they become obstacles
  • Empowering your team
  • Legal advice and guidance that supports creativity
  • No suits (unless you want them of course!)

Designed Compliance is our Legal Design offering that helps dynamic businesses to navigate their regulated industry without stifling their creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

We use a variety of creative techniques to help map out the regulatory path, setting up your legal support structure along the way, and making sure your legal operations are closely aligned with your business strategy.

Arriving here has required a complete shift in mindset, as we apply our expertise to facilitate the development of specialist solutions to your regulatory challenges.

How it works

As every business is different, the following stages can be tweaked to suit individual needs.  These are long-term projects that see us facilitate, manage and deliver as much or as little of the following stages as you like.

scene setting workshop/s

Understanding business goals, purpose and the vision of the founders

technical review of operations

How does the business function (operationally and financially)? What does the Target Operating Model look like and where does Legal fit in?

challenge mapping

Identifying the regulatory challenges associated with your operations. Where do you see stumbling blocks in developing your product or service? Where do we see the stumbling blocks?


Prioritisation / Process Mapping / Project Management – identifying what needs to happen, when and who needs to be involved

implement, test, refine


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