Designed In-House

In-House legally designed to better suit your needs

  • Considerable cost benefit as employment / overhead costs are removed and operations made more efficient
  • Scale up and scale down depending on your requirements
  • Lawbox solicitors knowledge share and empower their clients
  • Reduced recruitment fees
  • The external review of needs can generate opportunities to work more efficiently by outsourcing other functions
  • Development of lasting relationship, knowledge sharing opportunities, and greater understanding of the clients business built up over time
  • No need for laborious instructions each time you need work doing

When it comes to seeking legal counsel, many businesses believe their only options are between employing someone in-house or appointing outside counsel for their legal needs.

At Lawbox, we specialise in offering the middle ground. Our model provides us with the flexibility to scale up or scale down your in-house support, as easily as turning a tap.

This is perfect for growing businesses that require regular reassurance on their compliance decisions, but don’t yet require full-time in-house counsel.

Likewise, established businesses that need to bolster their existing in-house team for specific projects or to ride out busy periods, can benefit from a flexible resource that’s keyed in to your operations and understands your business.

How it works…

initial needs assessment

Reviewing existing operations – workshop or consultation with key stakeholders to establish support needs

proposal issued

Solutions range from remote support, in-person, or a combination of the two


Set us up on your systems and start treating us as your own

monitor and review

Scale up, scale down, or leave the same!

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