Your business is on a journey and our legal services can help you get there. Just tell us how we can give you a boost.

what we offer.

We know engaging a lawyer can feel scary – not least because you don’t know what it will cost.

Luckily we’re unlawyer-y lawyers, so we want you to understand what you’ll pay and what you can expect to get out of it. These range from our bespoke Lawbox LuX service and other business-boosting options right down to our ready-to-adapt docs. You’ll find our freebies there too.

Looking for something different? No problem. We’re happy to work with you towards a service and price that suits you. Let’s get going.

I want to…

design bespoke legals

protect my ideas

develop or sell my business

help the environment

manage data, privacy or UK GDPR

take care of people

make or review documents

enjoy regular support

go straight to docs and freebies!

not a clue - help!

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