the lawbox way

These five core principles underpin everything we do at Lawbox. They are fundamental to the way we operate and what differentiates us from our competitors.



One of the biggest complaints we hear is that lawyers just don’t listen. ‘At the heart of our approach is empathy and a real belief that what you want matters. We take time to listen and keep listening through regular check-ins – give us a shout and we can go from there.’





Law doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. We never use 30 words when we could use 2 – and we love a bullet point. There is always a place for flow diagrams, pictures and scribbles to make things really clear.






Our Lawboxers work alongside our clients to reach a shared goal of improving their business. Fairness and support run through everything we do, plus our open nature means we have lots of buddies to help out too.





Either designed bespoke in your branding, or done in our own Lawbox Design style, you’ll notice our documents are a little more user-friendly than the rest. Where appropriate, we use visuals to improve communication, making complex information clear and easy to understand.





We love our jobs so we want to do them for as long as possible – which means keeping you happy, growing your business, and trying to keep the planet safe while we’re at it. We must all develop, grow and keep moving forward in the right way. That’s what we mean when we say ‘Onwards!’.

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