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Hello. Welcome to Lawbox!

We are Lawbox, your legal design agency.

These are our terms of business on which we will be providing you with legal support services.

By signing our Scoping Document, you’ll be accepting these terms and will be legally bound by them.

We’ve done our best to simplify our terms and have broken them down into the following six sections.


Our terms accompany a Scoping document, prepared specifically for each client, detailing the services we are delivering for you.  This is the basis of our agreement.  Any changes to the scope are captured in the document and re-issued to you for sign-off.


Invoicing & Fees

This details how we invoice, when our fees are due for payment, and what might happen if our fees aren’t paid.

Typically, we expect payment within 15 days of issuing an invoice, unless agreed otherwise.



We both agree to co-operate with each other so that we can each perform our roles to the best of our ability.

This section outlines what we should expect from each other.


The heavy stuff

There’s always a section of the agreement that’s tough to read.  This usually means that it is the most difficult to explain.  Essentially, this deals with the circumstances in which you or we may be liable to each other for a bad job or for any loss that the other suffers.


Breaking up

Usually called the termination clause but we think that’s a bit morbid! This section explains how we may both decide to exit the agreement, should we wish.


The other bits

These are the elements of the agreement between us that ensure that the agreement is fully workable.  These are usually called the ‘operative clauses’.  They cover things like force majeure, dispute resolution and rights & remedies.


Legal Consultancy

We want to let you know that we are a legal consultancy and not a law firm.  As a consultancy, we are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

This means that we don’t advise on ‘reserved’ activities (including litigation, notarial services and administration of oaths) and you will be unable to make claims to the SRA Compensation Fund.

Please note that all of our consultants are solicitors that are UK qualified and have up to date practicing certificates.

Adopting our terms

We won’t start work on your matter, except in the most urgent of cases, until you have agreed to these terms and the Scoping Document. However, if we continue to after we have sent you a copy of these terms and do not notify us of any objections, we will assume you have agreed to these terms.

Contacting us

You can contact us by email at open@thelawboxgroup.com or any other Lawbox email address we provide you with from time to time.  We will contact you using the email address you provide to us.


We hope you’re satisfied with the service you receive from us and we will seek feedback regularly in order to continually improve our service.  However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with an element of our work, please contact us and we will look to remedy this in the most appropriate way.

We welcome all feedback, good or bad!
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