what is legal design?

Why does legal design matter?

Legal Design is applying design-thinking principles to the world of law and, importantly, making legal services and systems more human-centered, usable, and engaging

Legal solutions have long been applied to get a client from A to B.  But the solutions that have been provided to date are often convoluted, overly complex, and unreadable to the untrained eye, rendering them virtually useless for the people they have most impact on – the end user.

On top of this, many businesses find the process of engaging with legal services painful, clunky and completely out of touch with the dynamic, fast paced start-up and scale-up businesses of today.

With legal design, we can better identify the users’ needs, wants and desires and use them as a basis to design and develop solutions.


By applying the process of design-thinking to the way we engage with our clients we can start to understand their business better than ever, and help provide them with legal solutions that offer far more value to them and their customers.

At Lawbox, we apply design-thinking to question the purpose and function of our end product.  When applied strategically, legal design can improve performance, innovation, brand perception, audience engagement, conversion rates and a whole host of other metrics.With good reason, we’re excited about how legal design is changing the face of legal services, and the impact it will have on our clients and their customers.

We hope you are too!

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